We are
Kin Vet Community

Empathy, Transparency, Trust. That’s Kin.

Our vision

To create a thriving veterinary community where knowledge and compassion intersect to improve the wellbeing of our colleagues, our clients and their animals.

Our mission

We will create a workplace culture and experience that values our colleagues’ professional growth and wellbeing.

By nurturing and fulfilling our passionate veterinary professionals we ensure our communities receive the best possible care.

Our Community

If your practice shares our vision and you are looking to sell, please contact us through the Join our community button below.

Our values

Our values guide us and allow us to share our care and our careers.


We approach our clients, their pets and each other with the warmth and understanding we all deserve. Within our community we nurture and respect each other.


We openly share intentions and knowledge to build understanding and integrity. We provide clear and straightforward communication across our community.


We earn the trust and confidence placed in us. We are collaborative ad dependable, ensuring we deliver the best possible care.

We plan to grow.
In the right way, at the right time.


We want to offer a fulfilling work environment where you can thrive whilst doing what you love. We invest in the whole you. Grow your career with us.

Join our community

We’re on the lookout for practice owners who share our vision and are looking to sell their practice. Whether you are just at the start of your journey or looking to understand your options, we would love to hear from you to arrange a confidential initial discussion. Contact us through the Join our community button.